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Manchester Sporting Club
36 Bridge Street, Manchester, M3 3BT
The Manchester Sporting Club can be found within the walls of the Manchester Hall, one of the most iconic buildings in the City. Manchester Hall is an impressive Grade II listed former Freemasons’ Hall, whose facilities can be used by all Manchester Sporting Club members including our own exclusive area.
Telephone: 0161 832 6256

Our Designated Area

Part of the Manchester Hall dedicated exclusively to Manchester Sporting Club members.

The Goulburn Suite

The Goulburn Suite comprises of three separate rooms and an exclusive bar, making it perfect for larger parties. The main room in the Goulburn suite is adorned with a giant chandelier and vast domed ceilings – making it one of our most breathtaking rooms. The antique mirrored walls add to the immense feeling of space, the suite can accommodate for up to 200 guests. The room’s wallpaper is unique to Manchester Hall and if you look closely you will see it features the Manchester Hall logo, with the outline of the building. It also takes some of its patterns from the ironwork that features in the interior of the building. The room has a parquet central dance floor and a separate exclusive bar, making it perfect for wedding receptions.

The other rooms in the Goulburn Suite include the Goulburn Breakout Room, a cosy space perfect for getting away from the crowds, the Goulburn Bar, with a copper bar top and deep buttoned leather seating area and the Goulburn Lodge.

SET UP TYPES : Cabaret : 128 | Theatre : 200 | Boardroom : 80 | Drinks : 200

The Goulburn Lodge

The Goulburn Lodge Room has the most associations with the buildings Freemason’s history. Along with the wood paneling and seating running along each wall, this distinctive room features the original Freemasons’ chequerboard flooring and the all-seeing Eye of Providence is featured in the intricate plasterwork on the ceiling.

SET UP TYPES : Cabaret : 72 | Theatre : 103 | Boardroom : 80 | Drinks : 160

The Masons Restaurant Bar

Offering a club vibe with a modern, airy twist, the Masons Restaurant Bar is set to become one of Manchester’s hidden gems, offering superlative service and the very best food and drinks in an informal, relaxed atmosphere. Along with our unique venue, the quality of the dining experience we offer is a major factor in choosing Manchester Hall, whatever the occasion may be.

Our restaurant boasts a multitude of different dining settings under one roof, catering for a plethora of requirements – from breakfast planning meetings, entertaining clients at lunch or enjoying a romantic evening meal. A Freemasons-inspired booth continues the playful take on the club theme and can also be booked for private dining.

The Drawing Room

This former Freemasons lodge is one of our most traditional rooms with extensive wood paneling. However, it can be styled to suit our guests’ requirements – from a more traditional dinner or meeting arrangement, to something else entirely.

SET UP TYPES : Cabaret : 32 | Theatre : 50 | Boardroom : 30 | Drinks : 50

The Gallery

The Gallery with its central fireplace, oak panelled walls and plaster cornices has a regal quality, perfectly maintained since the building was first opened. The Gallery can be used as for banquets and private dinner parties, or as a reception area for your guests before dining in any of the other suites. It is also ideal for fashion shows as the long, rectangular shape of the gallery is perfect for a central catwalk.

The room has connecting doors to both the Club Room and the Drawing Room, which is perfect for evening entertainment and dancing. Features of the Gallery include floor to ceiling period windows running down one side, which open to a narrow balcony overlooking Bridge Street and with views to The Square With No Name.

SET UP TYPES : Cabaret : 48 | Theatre : 100 | Boardroom : 52 | Drinks : 100

The Study

This is one of the more intimiate rooms available in Manchester Hall. Its size and shape are optimized for smaller, off-site business meetings. It can be arranged for tea and coffee to be provided for any meetings booked in the Study.

SET UP TYPES : Cabaret : 32 | Theatre : 50 | Boardroom : 30 | Drinks : 50

The Library

The Library is another room that has multiple functions, much like the Club Room. It can be booked as an intimate standalone space or as an ancillary room for larger events. It has a feature black marble fireplace and pointers to its Freemasons past, including in the old books that line the bookshelves.

SET UP TYPES : Cabaret : 32 | Theatre : 50 | Boardroom : 30 | Drinks : 50
36 Bridge Street
M3 3BT
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